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Brevini Pitch & Yaw Drives Efficient and reliable drive solutions for wind turbines

Brevini Power Transmission, like Brevini Wind a company of Brevini Group, looks back on more than 10 years of experience in the wind power industry. More than 70,000 pitch and yaw systems made by Brevini Power Transmission have been installed for all the global players in the wind power industry - this guarantees the high quality and reliable operation of the Brevini products all over the world.

Due to their reduced size and weight, and to their reliability, Brevini planetary gear units are an excellent solution for wind turbines: especially in difficult environments or under conditions of low temperatures.

Pitch drives for optimal blade alignment
Compact and low-maintenance pitch drives set the precise pitch angle for the rotor blades. Brevini pitch drives assure precise alignment of the blades and optimal efficiency with low and high wind speeds.

Yaw drives for perfect wind tracking
High precision yaw drives assure an optimum yaw control in order to track always the wind horizontally and thus make sure the wind turbine is producing the maximum amount of energy. Brevini yaw drives assure always precise and permanent wind tracking.

The design of this complete range of planetary gear units is based upon a system of pinion gears and toothed bearings. Engineered to withstand the strong radial loads that are generated in these application, these units either have a pinion gear inserted or integrated on the output shaft.
Multi-disc failsafe brakes on the input side and a flange system for mounting hydraulic or electric motors are some of the accessories that complete this series of yaw and pitch drives.
Brevini can easily provide a complete package with motor and gearbox.

Technical data

  • Torque range: 7,000 to 195,000 Nm
  • Transmission ratio: up to 3,100
  • From 2 up to 5 reduction stages
  • Flange mounted with pinion
  • High torque capacity with heavy duty bearings.

Main features

  • In line or right angle configuration
  • Modular design to increase the transmissible torque
  • Each stage with 3 up to 5 planet gears
  • Customized output versions
  • Output housing in cast iron, designed to hold heavy loads
  • Input for any type of electric motor and brake motor.